Mizpah Congregation




As North America's Reform Jewish Youth movement, NFTY strives to provide meaningful and engaging youth experiences for teens. These experiences are created and built off of NFTY's 13 Principles. These principles serve as the foundation of NFTY, ensuring that our movement's mission and journey are based on our shared values. Together, these 13 Principles are the preamble to NFTY's Constitution, guiding us as we create a holistic Jewish environment. They allow NFTY to continuously evolve, and remain a dynamic Jewish Reform Youth movement for years to come.   Click here for NFTY's website.

Mizpah Congregation is proud of their youth, and offers a program for teenagers to come together and participate in fun activities around Chattanooga as well as attend regional Kallah (conferences). Our youth group, CHATTY, is made up of teens from 6th to 12 grade.

For more information on how to join CHATTY, contact Lily Dropkin.