Mizpah Congregation

Adult Studies

Adult Studies

Mizpah Congregation periodically conducts courses in Adult Jewish Learning. 
In Fall 2018, we will be offering two adult education classes. 

Intro to Judaism, taught by Rabbi Craig Lewis
We invite you to explore Jewish traditions with us. Over the course of 18 sessions, we will cover beginning understandings of Jewish history, with major and minor holifays, important life cycle events, Jewish theology, the worship service, and out connection to the Land and the state of Israel. These courses are for anyone who has ever wanted to learn about Judaism or those who wish to learn more. This  course can also fulfill a requirement for individuals wishing to convert to Judaism. It is also ideal for Interfaith couples who want  to understand more about Jewish traditions.

Classes start September 25th and continue on Tuesdays. There is a $50 course fee for materials and handouts. 

Beginner Adult Hebrew, taught by Lily Dropkin
This course is for adults who want to learn Hebrew from out worship services and in the Torah. We will teach the basics, starting with the Aleph Bet with the goal of a greater understanding of the Hebrew in our sacred texts.  This class is for beginners and assumes that you are starting with no familiarity with the language. This is NOT a class intended to make you fluent in modern Israeli Hebrew. It is ideal for late in life converts, non-Jews, and any that might want to learn Hebrew but have never had the chance.

Classes Start September 28th and continue on Thursdays. There is no cost for the course, but participants should purchase their own book (Aleph Isn't Tough) which can be found on the Behrmann House website.

Please contact our office for information on upcoming Adult Studies programs and refer to the Calendar to see upcoming events.